Regarding the production line of industrial condensers, Decsa offers centrifugal evaporative condensers, which are characterized by the abbreviation CFR-C, among the products manufactured at its Voghera plant, which we will find below the main features .


Evaporative condenser with cover in Z725 sheet steel and centrifugal fans, designed for the condensation of gases such as ammonia or other refrigerant gases.
  • Maximum noise reduction ensured by the centrifugal fans
  • High-strength self-supporting structure in steel sheet Z725 (725g/2)
  • Silencers in intake and flow
  • Evaporative cooling using a tube bundle
  • Wide power range
  • Easy and cost-advantageous transport and installation of sections with no need for exceptional trailer transport
Schema di funzionamento


Ideal for uses in industry, refrigeration and air conditioning.


  • 50% and 100% Finned coil for dry running
  • Non-finned coil in AISI steel
  • Protection with  painting DecsaCOATING (external) e DecsaCOATING PLUS  (internal & external) 
  • Additional silencers on air intake and discharge
  • Basin section accessible with wide doors
Additional Info:
Material: Z725 Galvanized Steel
Number of models: 36
Heat Rejection: from 148 to 7281 kW
Applications: Food, Automotive, Energy, Chemicals, HVAC, Metallurgical, Industrial.
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