As for the creation of evaporative towers, Decsa offers Voghera also the realization of TMR plants, ie centrifugal evaporative towers, which guarantee high standards of quality and efficiency, thanks to the accurate production process and the best materials used for their realization.


Open circuit cooling tower with casing in Z725 galvanized steel and centrifugal fans, designed for cooling of water in civil and industrial fields.

  • Very quiet noise level provided thanks to the centrifugal fans
  • Structure in self-supporting and high-resistant galvanised steel in Z725 galvanised sheet (725g/mq)
  • Silencers on inlet and outlet
  • Fast and east maintenance of spare part and moving elements
  • Broad power range. Easy and cost-advantageous transport and installation of the sections with no need for exceptional trailer transport
La torre da raffreddamento concepita per il raffreddamento dell’acqua in ambiti civili ed industriali. TMR


Ideal for industrial use for the plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical, automotive and energy sector and air conditioning for hospitals, commercial services sector, and in settings where a reduced sound output is paramount.


  • Exchange pack with different sections (Standard, extended Splash)
  • Protection with painting DecsaCOATING (external) e DecsaCOATING PLUS (internal & external) 
  • Additional silencers on air intake and discharge
  • Basin section accessible with wide doors
Additional Info:
Material: Z725 Galvanized Steel
Number of models: 79
Heat Rejection: from 100 to 6153 kW
Applications: Food, Automotive, Energy, Chemicals, HVAC, Metallurgical, Industrial
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