Decsa, thanks to its experience and professionalism in the sector, is able to realize axial evaporative towers for industrial use in Voghera and neighboring areas. The technicians are at full commission of the customer to develop customized plant solutions and adapt to the working needs of the plants where they are installed.


Open circuit metal cooling tower with Z725 galvanized steel and axial fans designed for cooling water in civil and industrial fields.

  • Low operating costs, thanks to the limited energy consumption of the motors powering the fans
  • Structure in self-supporting high strength galvanized sheet steel Z725 (725g/m2)
  • Easy and fast maintenance of spare parts and moving elements
  • Wide power range. Easy and cost-advantageous transport and installation of the sections without the need for exceptional trailer transport
Torre di Raffreddamento a circuito aperto metallica TMA


Ideal for use in an industrial setting for the plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical, automotive and energy sector and air conditioning for hospitals and the commercial services sector.


  • Exchange pack with differentiated sections (standard, expanded Splash)
  • Silenced (Axilent and Axilent Plus)
  • Direct coupling between motor and fans and angle drive with oil-bath transmission
  • Protection with painting DecsaCOATING (external) e DecsaCOATING PLUS (internal & external) 

Additional Info:
Material: Galvanized Steel Z725
Number of Models: 56
Heat Rejection: from 547 to 8664 kW 
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