With regard to the production of industrial plants for different production sectors, Decsa offers its expertise and professionalism for the implementation of Voghera Axial Evaporator Coolers, including the models identified by the REF-A symbol.


Closed circuit metallic evaporative cooler with galvanized steel Z725 and axial fans designed for cooling water with no contamination. 

This device has the following benefits:
  • Low operating costs, thanks to the limited energy consumption of the motors that power the fans
  • Structure in self-supporting high-strength galvanised sheet steel Z725 (725g/m2)
  • Evaporative cooling using a tube bundle
  • Wide power range. Easy and cost-advantageous transport and installation with no need for exceptional trailer transport
Raffreddatore evaporativo a circuito chiuso metallico


Ideal for uses in industry, air conditioning and power generation


  • 50% and 100% finned coil for dry running
  • Coils can be opened on the heads and are entirely cleanable
  • Non-finned coils in AISI steel
  • Silenced (Axilent and Axilent Plus)
  • Direct coupling between motor and fan and with angle drive with oil-bath transmission
  • AISI 430, 304, 316 Steel Structure
  • Protection with DECSAPROT coating (internal) and DECSAPAINT (external)
Additional Info:
Material: Galvanized Steel Z725
Number of models: 27
Heat Rejection: from 454 to 3708 kW
Applications: Food, Automotive, Energy, Chemicals, HVAC, Metallurgical, Industrial
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