Lean is the key word to describe the development of Decsa production. The continuous pursuit of every activity aimed to avoid wasting time and increasing the quality of our products is a priority for every Decsa employee.


Decsa uses the best materials available on the market for the construction of cooling towers, coolers and evaporative condensers. Starting from the rigorous selection of suppliers and through rigorous quality control, Decsa, assembled all components, guarantees the delivery of a product tested at the end of the line and of unquestionable quality. The great flexibility that Decsa expresses on the market it is the result of the skills of its production department and its highly qualified staff. The benefits of this model are in full control of quality, flexibility of production, and the assurance of reduced and reliable delivery times at any time of the year. Decsa production is mainly based on galvanized steel Z-725 (725 g / m zinc) and FRP.
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