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A long and in-depth market research has just been completed for a further step forward for the internationalization of Decsa.
In particular, thanks to the funds provided by the EBM call indicated here, we have turned to an Export Business Manager who has guided us in the analysis of the industrial refrigeration market in India.
After a series of meetings, we have come to the conclusion to hire a person dedicated to the promotion and development of the Decsa brand in India. 
The activities will start in February 2018 and the appointed person will be based in Chennai from where he will follow the whole refrigeration market in India. 
The person in charge will be assisted in its activities by the current Decsa partners in India.
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Wednesday, November 22nd the meeting of North Italy Agents was held in our manufacturing facility in Voghera. We presented all the new products and tools that will immediately be available or accessible in the upcoming months. We organized the meeting to let the agents hold in their hands what we are doing and that’s why we have limited the number of people present. We will shortly be holding further meetings for our Central and South Italy Agents and Foreign Distributors. Let us briefly summarize what we have shown:
Open circuit cooling towers (TMA) with Eurovent certified performance, immediately available with standard axial fans and low noise level directly coupled to IE3 motors. They will also be available with belts and pulleys transmission or gearboxes.
DecsaCOATING and DecsaCOATING PLUS protective coating available for all our cooling towers in HDGS Z-725. Available in all colors of the RAL scale.
• QE equipped with Inverter and Microprocessor for the control and management of open and closed circuit cooling towers. The microprocessor contains a proprietary DECSA software for optimizing energy saving, water consumption and sound pressure levels at different operating conditions.
• Software for the calculation of energy saving, water consumption and sound pressure levels at different operating conditions for the main Italian and European cities.
• SELEDecsa 4.0, a new software to select our open circuit cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers and evaporative condensers.
Concept Tower in......... MCE2018.
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We are proud to inform you that, starting from August 2017, the thermal performances of our open circuit cooling towers of TMA-EU series, are Eurovent certified! 
Once again Decsa is synonymous of performance and high quality. 
TMA-EU certified series will be the protagonist in our stand at the next MCE 2018 along with other news that we are eager to introduce to you. 
Stay tuned .... Evolution is cool!
Le due certificato della ditta


Decsa is delighted to present the 50th international conference AiCARR to be held in Matera on May 10 and 11, 2017, to deepen all the issues related to the design of the Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) buildings.

As is well known, the European Directive 31/2010 requires the implementation of important actions to increase the number of buildings that not only meet the minimum energy performance requirements but also be able to reduce as much energy and energy as possible Than carbon dioxide emissions.

In this regard, all Member States have been invited to draw up national plans to increase the number of nZEB buildings. The achievement of nZEB goals requires a wide range of systems and solutions depending on local climate conditions, local legislation and market situation.

On May 11th at 9.15 pm, the Tarot Room, our Maria Fiorentina together with Ing. Giuseppe Starace of the Department of Innovation Engineering of the University of Salento, will present a report on the performance of evaporative condensers based on the relative temperature and humidity variables typical of European Community countries.
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From January 2016 Decsa started a new project for a continuous improvement, extremely motivating for the staff: The Lean Production implementation.
The journey began by involving the entire production staff, clarifying them two easy and determinants concepts: definition of the added value and identification of wastes, both vitals for the success of the project.
For this project is mandatory a deeply involvement of the production staff, "we do not need their manual labor only, we need their ideas to improve every single feature that leads to the transformation of our products.
Only those who are directly involved in production process, if properly motivated, it can propose how to perform any action with greater efficiency, eliminating or reducing waste, improving the total quality of our products.

The process of continuous improvement has begun, bringing excellent results since the beginning, allowing everyone involved to be more active and proactive.
The path will never have an end, all companies must continually evolve and change according to the demands of our only references: The Market & The Customer.
One of the greatest satisfaction, in addition to the results mentioned below, it’s to note the radical change "of the company culture".
The staff must have only one common goal, the improvement of each process, constantly wondering how to eliminate waste, having well in evidence that our client is satisfied to pay only when it can feel the "Added Value".
Decsa is a team, all of us are aware that we can give to our company much more than it has been given in the past.

Results achieved by the implementation of the LEAN PRODUCTION in Decsa:

Turnover 2016 vs 2015: + 11%.
Direct employees / indirect production 2016 vs 2015: - 35%.
Total personnel costs 2016 vs 2015: - 17%.
Total extra-time hours 2016 vs 2015: - 55%.
No internal compliance 2016 vs 2015: - 27%.
Average Lead Time 2016: 27 days vs. 35 days in 2015.

To know more about LEAN PRODUCTION philosophy click here:


Decsa is pleased to inform you that as from July 2016 our condensing batteries have been certified according to the 2014/68 / EU (PED) Directive for operating pressures up to 28bar. A further step in the direction of offering our customers a high quality product at an extremely competitive cost.
Le due certificato della ditta
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