In this section, however, there are some examples of evaporative coolers for automobiles made by our Voghera company. The quality of the raw materials, combined with the great technical knowledge of our installers, makes these devices able to achieve high performance suitable for each production segment of the automotive compartment, ensuring the cooling of the environments in full compliance with those that are in force in the relevant field Safety at work and polluting emissions into the atmosphere.


  • Evaporative coolers Centrifugal type REF C;
  • Stabilimento Ford Getrag - Kechnec / Slovakia;
  • Evaporative Coolers Centrifugal Type - REF C Series;
  • Ford Getrag Factory - Kechnec / Slovakia.
Additional Info
Series: REF-C
Project: Ford Getrag
Location: Kechnec
Country: Slovakia
Getrag - Untergruppenbach
General Motors Factory - Zaragoza,


  • Cooling towers Assiali - Serie TMA
  • Stabilimento General Motors - Zaragoza / Spagna
  • Cooling Towers Axial Type - TMA Series
  • General Motors Factory - Zaragoza / Spain
Additional Info
Series: TMA
Project: Stabilimento General Motors
Location: Zaragoza
Country: Spagna
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